Did you know that many Employers will match their employees contributions to charities?  


These annual programs by Corporations are at no cost to the employee and benefit Valley View Elementary!


To check if your Employers will match your charitable contributions, please contact your local Human Resources Department.  


Valley View Elementary Booster Club is an approved charity with 


Arranging for a matching gift is easy:

  • Get a copy of your matching gift form from your company’s HR department and drop it off with your gift at the Front Office at VVE.
  • The VVEBC will verify your gift and return the matching gift form directly to your company's designated matching partner.
  • VVEBC then will receive a check or payment from your employer matching your gift.
  • Already given?  Most matching companies will honor gifts given within the current calendar year.  Simply send or bring your matching gift form to the VVE Front Office, and we’ll take it from there!

Thank you for considering this simple and effective way to support VVE Cardinals!